Chinese Altar Table

Chinese Altar Table
An antique Chinese altar table, a popular choice of worshippers, is made of solid wood and is
topped with elaborate carving. It measures 35″ in length, 18″ in width, and is decorated with jade
bats for happiness 龙香. It also features a crest rail and is decorated with a variety of scrolling leaves
and taotie masks. This piece is rare, made in the late 19th century, and is an excellent example
of traditional Chinese craftsmanship.
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A Chinese altar table combines ancient elements of the Orient and the Middle Ages. It features a
rectangular top, foliate carving, and two archaistic scrolls and apron, all of which are covered
with brown lacquer. Its deep skirt and pierced ends are designed to look like bamboo. Its apron
is adorned with faux bamboo and a single broad plank top.
An altar table has many uses, from serving as a home to serving as a place to gather with
family. In the past, it was often placed in a sacred place. It was used during rituals and
ceremonies, and was also used for other functions, including weddings. Some altars served as a
location to display offerings and adornments, such as flowers. The design of an altar table is
influenced by the religious and social beliefs of its people, but its function is more practical and
meaningful than the material of which it is made.

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Another beautiful feature of a chinese altar table is its size. Its shape is unique and has a soulful
appeal. Its dimensions are 47″ long and 13″ wide. Its height is 13″ deep, and it is ideal for a
secluded room. Traditionally, an altar table is used for prayer and honoring ancestors. While the
size is relatively small, it is still impressive.